Choosing the right kayak

Sit-on-top Kayaks

A sit on top kayak is a fun new way to paddle.  You aren’t confined in-side the hull anymore so you have a bit more freedom to move around. 


Sit-inside Kayaks

A sit inside kayak is the traditional style that has been around for awhile.  You are more at one with your craft and sit lower in the water. 

single kayak sit inside

Tandem Kayaks

A tandem kayak is meant for 2 paddlers.  Some couples prefer to each get their own single kayaks for more freedom and some like to share a tandem.

tandem kayak sit ontop

River Kayaks

A river kayak is meant for whitewater.  Most of our kayaks are for flatwater leassure paddling.  But if you are experienced and need a river kayak we have you covered. 

river kayak sit inside